Tournament Results

Martial Arts Classic – Saturday, October 17th 2015

imageWe brought 11 students to the Fall 2015 Martial Arts Classic Tournament this weekend who competed and won 44 awards!! These children showed their best effort in and out of the ring. Thank you to all the parents for bringing your children to the tournament. Your dedication and support of your child’s martial arts training is very appreciated!! Special thank you to Brian Angelo and the Karate Academy for hosting this wonderful and organized tournament. Here are the results:

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  • Liam 1st blocks, 1st strikes, 1st stances, 2nd kicks, 1st kata, 3rd sparring.
  • Maddie 1st kicks, 2nd strikes, 3rd sparring, 3rd kata
  • Aidan 3rd strikes, 2nd kicks, 3rd stances, 3rd kata
  • Andrew 1st self defense, 1st kata, 2nd weapons, 2nd sparring, 3rd stances, 2nd strikes, 1st blocks 1st kicks.
  • Bella 1st sparring, 1st kata, 3rd blocks
  • Harshil 1st kata, 2nd sparring, 3rd kicks, 1st strikes, 1st blocks, 1st stances
  • Devin 2nd sparring, 1st stances, 1st strikes, 1st blocks, 1st kicks
  • Trent 1st sparring, 1 kata
  • Ian 1st sparring 1st kata
  • Jonah 2nd kata 2nd sparring
  • Trevor 3rd kata 3rd sparring

Martial Arts Classic – Saturday, May 16th 2015
Dragon Fire Karate brought 14 students to the Martial Arts classic tournament this weekend who received 36 awards and 12 consolation awards. We are very proud of the students. Special thank you to Brian Angelo and the Karate Academy for hosting this wonderful kids’ tournament. Here are the results:

To view pictures from this tournament please CLICK HERE

  • Ian Bauer 1st sparring, 2nd kata
  • Ryan Bevers 1st blocks, 4th kata, 5th sparring
  • Natalia Fares, 4th stances, 3rd strikes, 2nd blocks, 2nd kicks, 2nd kata, 5th sparring
  • Colin Gedmin 1st kicks, 3rd kata , 4th Sparring
  • Liam Goes 4th Stances, 2nd Strikes, 4th Blocks, 4th Kicks, 3rd kata
  • Jonah Hickey 4th kata
  • Trevor Hickey 3rd kata, 3rd Sparring
  • Devin Kamper 1st kicks, 4th kata, 3rd stances, 3rd blocks, 4th strikes, 1st Sparring
  • Kylin Klickner 2nd kata
  • Ryan Klickner 2nd stances, 1st strikes, 1st Kicks, 2nd kata, 5th Sparring
  • Trent Pitcairn 3rd kata, 1st Sparring
  • Harshil Soni 1st kicks, 2nd strikes, 2nd blocks, 3rd sparring
  • Matt Tracy 1st Kata, 2nd Sparring
  • Andrew Yunger 1st stances, 1st strikes, 1st blocks, 1st kicks, 3rd kata, 2nd sparring

Information from this Tournament:

Martial Arts Classic
The next tournament that we are competing in is in Northlake, IL at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, May 16th.  This is a tournament for KIDS ONLY ages 4-17 years old.

Veteran’s Park District
44 Golfview Dr., Northlake Illinois
10:30 a.m. – 2:30 p.m. (arrive before 10am)

We would like as many students as possible to attend this tournament, including ALL KIDS and LITTLE DRAGONS. If your child would like to watch, you can attend the tournament with your child as a spectator in support of your fellow Karate-Ka.

The DIVISIONS for this tournament include:

  • Basics (Strikes, Blocks, Kicks, Stances)
  • Kata
  • Weapons
  • Sparring
  • Self-Defense

The cost of the tournament is $20 for first 2 events, plus $7 for each additional division.  The spectator fee is $7 (spectators 5 and under are free)

Click here to download the registration form:  2015MartialArtsClassicTournamentRegistration

Click here to download the description of division/categories: 48+DIVISIONS