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  1. Both my sons attend Dragon Fire Karate and LOVE it. There is a mutual respect between instructor and student. They have taught my sons so much in a short amount of time. My sons enjoy that each class is different: some days they practice their skills, other days they play games with the skills, and other days they spar. I also enjoy that there are no hidden costs, everything is up front. I would highly recommend Dragon Fire Karate.

  2. Dragon Fire Karate is an excellent school. My son and I have been members of the Dragon Fire family for over a year. Through the structured lessons, we have learned many new skills. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced student, the level of teaching by the circle of black belt instructors is unmatched. If you are looking for quality martial arts training, then you have found the right place.

  3. I have two children attending classes at Dragon Fire Karate. One is in the child’s class and one in the adult classes. As a Mom, I am impressed with the instructors that run the classes. They are patient, caring, and teach karate with enthusiasm yet expect discipline. They make the classes fun and most days, my kids come out of class all excited to tell me what they learned or practiced that day.
    I have even taken the self defense classes with my two teen daughters. We enjoyed those classes as well and as a woman and mother to teen girls, I feel better knowing that we are able to better protect ourselves if needed.
    I would recommend Dragon Fire Karate to anyone.

  4. My 8 year old autistic son approached Sensei Joe and Julie and told them he wanted to do some karate. They invited him to attend some classes for free to see how he likes it. I remember being concerned and telling Sensei Joe that he was autistic. He assured me everyone is welcome and they’ve taught children with varying disabilities and he’d be okay. It was the best thing I’ve done for him. They’ve adapted a learning plan for him and he’s doing so well! He has a new sense of pride and while it’s not always easy for him, his classmates and instructors are always patient and encouraging him. The self-defense and discipline they are teaching is awesome but the most impressive part to me is the environment of respect they’ve created. It’s a little martial arts family and I’m grateful we found them! Very Nice Group!

  5. The black belts at dragon fire karate are very well-rounded and have many years of experience. They have taught me to be a very well-rounded martial artist

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