Sensei Joseph C. Roque, Jr, Yondan


Sensei Joseph C. Roque Jr., holds the rank of Yondan (4th degree Black Belt) in Shorei Goju under Todd Gilbert.

Mr. Roque started his training in 1996 under Grand Master Ed Quick at Quick’s Karate in Chicago, IL.  As a brown belt there he was teaching his kids class for 2 years.  In January of 2003 he received his 1st degree black belt (Shodan).  In the fall of that year he moved to New Lenox IL and tried his best to continue his training but the travel just became too difficult for him to make it out to Chicago 3 days a week.  Even though he was not training under Mr. Quick he still worked on his skills as much as he could.  In the fall of 2007 he started training under Master John Carroll 8th degree black belt (Hachidan) at Carroll’s Martial Arts.  While there he earned his 2nd degree black belt (Nidan) and was the head instructor for their sparring department.  He also taught 2 to 3 nights a week with lower kyu ranks.  In the fall of 2010 he left Mr. Carroll to open Dragon Fire Karate with Ms. Rebecca Wren.  After leaving Mr. Carroll he starting training under Mr. Todd E. Gilbert 5th degree black belt (Godan) and still trains under him to this day.  While under Mr. Gilbert he earned his 3rd degree black belt (Sandan) in 2012 and his 4th degree black belt (Yondan) in 2014. In January of 2016 Mr. Roque received his Level 1 teaching certification in Krav Maga under Mr. Marty Cale and the Krave Maga Association.  Mr. Roque is also an instructor in Krav Maga at Dragon Fire Karate.

Through his hard work and strong efforts Mr. Roque was inducted into the United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame three consecutive years in a row!  In July 2012, Mr. Roque was inducted and given the award for Illinois Instructor of the Year.  In July 2013, Mr. Roque was inducted and given an award for Black Belt of the Year.  In June 2014, Mr. Roque was inducted and given an award for Excellence in Martial Arts Leadership.  Mr. Roque is a member of the American Karate Association and the Professional Karate Commission and currently the head instructor at Dragon Fire Karate in New Lenox, IL.