Letter from Sensei Joe Roque

Dragon Fire Karate has been teaching students since 2010.  The instructors, Grandmaster Bob Janacek, Sensei Joe Roque and Sensei Gordon Engelhard and Sempai Julie Talsma-Puls have a combined 90+ of experience in martial arts.  The style of karate that we practice is SHOREI GOJU KARATE.

Here is a letter from Sensei Joe Roque, founder of Dragon Fire Karate:

Hello, I would like to take this time to introduce myself to you, I am Mr. Roque and I teach karate in New Lenox at Dragon Fire Karate.  The reason why I am writing you this intro about me is because I believe that karate is a very good way of life.  For one it teaches strong discipline and self-confidence.  It is also a good form of exercise.  You or your child may be looking do some type of exercise and some of you might have thought about getting into martial arts but didn’t know how to start.  Well it’s very easy to start all you have to do is come to one FREE class!!

A little about Shorei Goju, this is an Okinawa style of martial arts, that comes from of small island off the cost of Japan.  It was brought to this country in 1946 by Grand Master Robert A. Trias. This style focuses more on self-defense where other arts tend to train for the attack, like MMA or Muay Thai.  We are not about fighting but more about how to defend ourselves if attacked.  We are not like Tae-Kwon-Do, where it tends to use more legs and is considered more of a sport.  Shorei GoJu Karate is a way of life.  Karate is also great for women to learn self-defense.

We believe a Black Belt represents the highest level of achievement in the Martial Arts and should only be awarded to an accomplished, mature student who has earned it through years of intense study. Therefore, we do not award black belts to anyone younger than age 18. A very advanced junior may earn a “junior black belt” at the age of 16 but our program is difficult enough that it is highly unlikely that anyone would complete the requirements for junior black belt before age 16. We believe that giving a young child a “black belt” provides a false sense of his/her abilities that could result in injury to self or others. When our students earn their black belt they know they have earned it the hard way and not because they PAID for it!!!!!!

I, myself, have over 19 years in the art; have a 4th degree black belt under Todd E Gilbert who is a 5th.   Mr. Robert Janecek has over 50 years in the arts and is a 9th degree black belt.  Mr. Engelhard has over 20 years in the arts and is a 2nd degree black belt. We run the kids and adult classes together, which are always taught by one of us, so students will always be getting black belt instruction all the time.  Ms. Julie Talsma-Puls is a 2nd class brown belt and runs the Little Dragons Program.

Our child and adult classes are offered on a 3 day per week basis.  If you chose to take karate through us we will make sure you learn the art and not just push you through the ranks.  It may take you up to 5-6 years, if not more, to earn your black belt, but you will have earned it the correct way.

We have no sign up fees, no contracts, and no test fees.  You may start at anytime of the month it does not matter.  We always welcome new students and the 1st class is always FREE.

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I hope this has given you some understanding on what our art is all about and hope that you will come and join us for one FREE class.

If you have further questions for me, please feel free to call me at 708-259-5409, or email me at drgnfirekarate10@aol.com.

Sincerely, Mr. Roque Yon-Dan