Girl Scout Karate Workshops/Seminars/Self-Defense


We currently offer a variety of seminars and workshops and self-defense techniques to Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Caddette and Senior/Ambassador troops.  We will design the seminars/workshops around your troop’s need.  Your troop can visit our school for a field trip, or we can come do a demonstration at your troop’s meeting/function.  We offer a variety of topics including, respect, courage, strength and confidence.  We teach the girls about the importance of safety, awareness and avoidance and incorporate some basic self-defense techniques.  If you are working toward a specific petal/badge, we can design the activities around your troop’s need.  We also offer a mother-daughter self-defense workshop.

The self defense techniques we teach are based on instinctive principles that are easy to learn and can be performed regardless of the participant’s size, strength, speed, experience or physical ability. Our self-defense techniques help girls gain the confidence needed to properly defend them and protect others.

The self defense techniques that are taught through Dragon Fire Karate are very beneficial to women and girls. It’s a very powerful feeling to know you can defend yourself!!  Knowing these techniques is a very good way for girls to develop stronger self esteems and help them build their confidence which they can use in all aspects of their lives. For them to know how to defend themselves against boys and other girls who may bully them are tools they can carry on for the rest of their lives. Young girls will learn to stand up for themselves and defend themselves, and will learn increased awareness.    There is so much domestic violence and sexual assault in our world and if we can teach them at a young age how to not be a victim, the world would be a much better place for ALL of us!!

Dragon Fire Karate incorporates self defense techniques into it’s regular class programs for adults and children.  Students learn a variety of techniques on a regular basis.  These techniques are designed to be applied to real life situations.

At Dragon Fire Karate, we believe that every student deserves the chance to learn to protect and defend himself/herself, regardless of age, physical abilities, demographic or special needs.   We believe that Karate is a way of life, and students will learn respect and discipline which they will carry into all aspects of their lives.  Karate increases confidence and self-esteem, and improves coordination, focus and balance, and increases awareness.

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