2013 United States Martial Arts Hall Of Fame

Three of the Dragon Fire Karate instructors, Grandmaster Bob Janecek, Sensei Rebecca Wren and Sensei Joe Roque, were inducted into the 2013 United States Martial Arts Hall of Fame. Below is a picture of our three instructors and two of our associates.  From left to right, Shihan Harry Wheeler received the Golden Life in the Gold Division, Grandmaster Bob Janecek received an award for Golden Life in the Platinum Division, Shihan Mike Olish received an award for Instructor of the Year, Sensei Joe Roque received an award for Black Belt of the Year, Sensei Rebecca Wren received an award for Woman of the Year, Todd Gilbert (not pictured) received an award for Master of the Year.

Sensei Bob Janecek was promoted to a 9th degree black belt at the International Martial Arts Council of America Meeting by the Grandmasters on July 19th, 2013, which makes him Dragon Fire Karate’s first Grandmaster.

Grandmaster Bob’s certificate was signed by all the Grandmasters in the International Martial Arts Council of America.  There are over 500 years of Martial Arts experience represented on his certificate.

Grandmaster Robert Suttles working the sword, teaching Jordan Roque the 12 points of impact:

Julie Puls and Jordan Roque performing synchronized kata, Safia, at the Grandmaster’s Council Meeting: